Silicon Children

Ash Midnight is a well educated and schooled man living in the midwest United States. Holding a degree in game design and animation he seeks to enrich the lives of others through media and technology. An avid gamer and literate, he looks to return what he has learned to those around him who might enjoy his tales. Ash lives in a small artisan's cottage where he spends most of his time reading, writing and studying various subjects that take his interest. A lover of nature, he gardens each year growing, or at least trying to grow, his own vegetables. Should you be in the neighborhood do stop by and sample some of his cooking, he is always trying new recipies and dishes to prepare. Come hungry. He also makes statues and fountains for landscape decoration. You will often find our dear author at his local tavern drinking a soda and thumbing through a book or sketching a picture in his drawing tablet. He likes the music there.

Silicon Children is the first full length novel, though the game system is the last in a long line of unpublished works. A possible video game tie in is speculative but worth considering depending on the success of the book.




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