Silicon Children



Silicon Children is a campaign for roleplaying, video games, books and animation. It is set on Earth in the near future, approximately 5-20 years from now, 2012. The first book takes place in 2020 in and around Tucson, Arizona. A possible second book takes place about a year later.

Most of the roleplaying game setting is put a few years after that and leads up to 2025-2030, where the stories lead off into more animated venues. Silicon Children deals with transhumanism, technology and the concept of rapid evolution. The characters are odd, unique and inspiring. The stories are tragic, gritty and in many cases very real.

Silicon Children is life held up to a microscope, based heavily in reality with a bit of exaggeration over a few details, it is a place where people can escape the doldrums of their lives and live vicariously through charactes they can relate to. As we go through life and experience our grief, our powerlessness at those greater than us, the governments, the corporations the schools and courts that dictate to us unfairly, we create identities for ourselves, often of grandiose design.

Silicon Children is a place to indulge those delusions in the company of others, without fear of rejection. It is a place to believe in yourself again.






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