Silicon Children


As we begin to explore the idea of what it means to be human in the face of technology we must begin to examine what it means to be human at all. Our landscape has changed so rapidly in the last 100 years we can scarcely call it the same. so too has our perception of that environment and it has changed us, fundamentaly, for better or worse. Around us everywhere are new stimuli and signals, new predators new social structures and pitfallls. The hazards of the wilds are gone, replaced with the hazards of the new jungle, an urban one. within its festering overswelled bosom is a new generation of humanity, yearning to be free and master this new reality, the children of tomorrow, children of a silicon womb.

While we go about our lives as individuals, massive multi-national corporations buy and seel governments by the handful. They control the markets, they control the media, they control the money. what you buy what you sell what you own belongs to them. Genetically modified food spreads genes across species, hardening common bacteria and viruses against pharmaceuticals and treatments, making its way into the human race. Countless radio signals span the airways, constantly and without cessation blanketing our bodies and minds with electronic noise. Radiation from every manner of electromagnetic device slowly warms us and speeds our molecules.

Health care treatments, medical science and research, military spending all accumulate in the human condition. New age movements promoting the use of mind altering chemicals grants new identity to those seeking one. Churches rise and fall with their prophets. Greed and neccessity spawn new gambits for would be leaders to create a niche for themselves, brokering deals, utilizing technology and bartering with the souls of the newly born and recently dead. Back alley organ harvests create a longevity for the rich and affluent, leaving the poor and destitute as prey for the more accomplished. Now too competition is not only for favor or fame, but one's very life. Gone is the idea of civility, of equity, only a hard bitter world where the strong survive and the weak are used for parts.

Out of these tragedies rise a new kind of hero. New evolution brings humanity past its roots, creating a paradigm shift away from the bland stark landscape of good and evil. Weilders of microcircuitry and metabolism, they fight not to strike down oppression, but to rise up against oblivion. These stories are your stories, and a humble storyteller waits to hear them. Speak out and let your voice be heard lest it is your last chance to make your mark on the minds of those who might listen. These are the tales of the city and the wilds, the stories of Silicon Children. What is your story child?




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